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Newsletter March 11th What Really Scares The Bike Industry

Itís not the Lance Armstrong problem. Itís what I saw at a recent bike club meeting. The average member was over 60 Ė probably over 70. We have lost the youth.

In the early 70ís and 80ís BMX, Freestyle, and Mountain Bikes dominated cycling and were youth oriented. That market has largely evaporated. And despite the fact that billions of dollars have been spent on better bike lanes, participation in the sport has been flat for the last 20 years.

Everyone has a reason and answer but no one has shown any results. We are competing for peopleís time and interest and in an era of intensified instant gratification.

One thing is for certain, the vast majority of the people I saw at the bike club meeting wonít be riding in twenty years.

Thanks for reading Ė John Neugent

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"We have lost the youth." Greetings John, love your wheelsets. Wish you would put out more of a C&V and touring oriented sets.

Of course the Industry has lost the youth, if the obsession of the Industry is satisfying a roadie fetish, what would you expect? How many fixie, track, ss, bomber wheelsets do you stock...I think your answer is zero. A NASCAR mentality dominates the bike industry, and I know of no twenty something that is lusting over the newest carbon wunderbike, and if they do I suspect they have no means to buy one.
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There's a lot of talk in the Bike Industry about the industry being the cause of the problem instead of reacting to the desires of the customers. I honestly don't know the answer. When I started, there was no road market. Are the companies that supported the road market to blame for being successful?

There's also a good argument that Lance has a lot to do with the success of the road market. That was separate from the industry - the industry didn't create Lance.

With regard to stocking other types of wheels - in the few attempts we made we have failed. People asked us daily for MTB wheels and when I got them in I had to close them out. The markets are much more separate than most people understand. To sell a fixie wheel I need to market to that customer - an entirely different customer than I have now. The same is true with any of the different segments.

I know lots of people who feel strongly that the Bike Industry is to blame for not marketing to the general public. The problem is, marketing to the general public has never worked.

In almost all cases, marketing isn't about creating a market but rather being also to take advantage of a demand that's already out there profitably. At least that's been my experience in the 40 years I have been in the industry.

Thanks for the comment - John
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