Most of us have been led to believe that smaller tires using high pressure perform best. One tire company marketed extremely high pressures (160 psi) as a performance advantage. It makes sense. A harder tire is going to roll better than a soft tire.

Except itís wrong.

Itís wrong because roads have bumps and the harder the tire the more you are going to elevate the bike over every bump. On the softer tire, the side wall will flex and you will ride over it without raising the bike. Which do you think uses more energy? Raising the bike or flexing the sidewall?

The wider rims pride a wider base Ė using more air. More air means you can run lower pressures without risk of pinch flats. The wider base also means the sidewalls squirm less in corners and are more aerodynamic (just like sports car wheels).

Faster, smoother, better cornering, and more aerodynamic Ė whatís not to like?

Thanks for reading Ė John Neugent

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