Taipei Show Day One

The Taipei bike show started two days ago. I didnít go this year. Itís arguably the biggest and most important bike show in the world. All of the Asian manufacturers and their customers are there Ė the whoís who of the Bike Industry.

Click here for the Bicycle Retailer show daily.

Thereís a good article on American Classic (who started building high end wheels in Taiwan soon after I did), and on page 4 an article on Gigantex, my carbon rim maker. On page 6 on the top right is a photo of Stella, my saddle maker along with Mark Pippin.

It was Mark Pippin, along with John Bradley, who pushed me into the wheel making business about 13 years ago. They both worked as product managers for Schwinn and on a visit strongly suggested there was a need for a quality wheel maker out of Asia.

Thanks for reading Ė John Neugent

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