Fine Tuning Your Shifting.

In addition to the obvious things that can affect shifting performance (cable tension and set screw adjustment) there are a few other things some people are unaware of. If you have any shifting issues first check the obvious and then go through the following list.

Drop Outs: Now that many people are riding carbon frames they are finding out the frame makers are using soft dropouts because they donít want to break the frames in case of an accident. As a result, dropouts bend more frequently than ever Ė to the point where we check them for alignment with every derailleur adjustment.

Old chains or cassettes: Chain now normally last about 3000 miles or so Ė more if you donít hammer and less if you do. A stretched chain wonít shift well. The same is true with cassettes.

Bent cables or housing: Add to that cables or housing that is not cleaned or lubricated. Cables need to run freely or they hang up. Any hang up holds up the derailleur and makes for missed shifts.

Finally, and this is the number one complaint we hear, when shifting into the big chainring in front, ease off on the pedals a little. If you try to do it under heavy load no one will be happy. The chain is doing its best to stay on the small ring and you are pushing off (under load) onto a bigger ring. Just ease off a little and keep spinning (slowing down the rpm will also cause a poor shift).

Thanks for reading Ė John Neugent

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