I started selling carbon wheels about 5 years ago. The very first ones I sold were assembled with Zipp rims (with Neuvation decals :-) in my garage. They were so fragile that if I dropped one from two feet it would probably crack – true Forumula One type equipment.

On my next trip to Taiwan I visited Gigantex because I wanted a lower cost vendor for rims. The rims were heavier but much stronger. In fact, we have never had a spoke pull through a Gigantex rim in all of the years we’ve been selling them.

I bought 10 sets of carbon clinchers on my first order and it took 5 years to sell them. Meanwhile I went through about 150 sets of tubulars.

Fast forward to today and the numbers are almost reversed. The cycling masses have now started to switch to carbon (and don’t want tubular hassles). I have 40 sets due in at the end of the week and about half are presold. Order now and you can still get the special 10% off pricing.

In the last 5 years carbon frames have become common place. In the next 5 carbon wheels will be. Be one of the first with one of the best deals on carbon clinchers on the planet.

Thanks for reading – John Neugent

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The carbon clincher rims are now in LA so should be here by the end of the week (C45 and C55). These are going to go fast since I only brought in 40 sets. Take an extra 10% off through the end of the week. Discount applied at checkout.