Wide Rim Testimonial

I have been using John Kodin as a bike and wheel tester pretty much since I started Neuvation. Iíve known him since the 70ís and heís a far better rider than I am.

Heís a member of the Shuksan Velo Club/Fanatik Bike Co. road team. "Racing age 58. Masters D Washington State Road Champion 2007 and numerous podium and top 10 place finishes. Race about two dozen races per year. Ride 12,000 miles a year."

Hereís what he said when he got the SLW wheels to test.

"I put on the Lithion 2 23C and aired up to about 95 psi. I did the same ride of 54 miles with lots of hills that I did last week on a set of R28SL (the normal narrow rim wheels) with the same tire but in a 25C at 95psi.

About 15 miles of it is on some real crappy chip-seal pavement. I can tell how bad it is because my water bottle was undersized for the cage and it would rattle pretty loudly on the stuff. Last week I was pretty pounded by the vibration. This week it was SO MUCH better with the wide set up. There are a few 40-50MPH descents during the ride with several fast sweepers and the bike handled real well and felt more solid. I could definitely feel the difference. Also it seemed like my brake calipers work a little better. Iím thinking with less travel to contact that it results in a much firmer feel at the lever. I canít wait to get the other wheels set up on my other bikes now."

The main reason I work with John is that he knows what heís talking about and tells the truth. If he doesnít like something he wonít bash it but wonít tell me itís good either.

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Thanks for reading Ė John Neugent

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