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Press release April First: Neuvation offers plans to consolidate the entire Bike Industry.

“It’s actually quite simple.” Quoted Neugent, founder of Neuvation Cycling. “The Bike Industry is a $6B business in the US and most corporate expenses are used for competitive purposes. Eliminate the competition and you eliminate those expenses.”

“There are a large number of super rich (Buffet, Gates) who have committed to using their money for the public good. Cycling in all of its forms, contributes to the benefit of society. Buying the Bike Industry is chump change for these guys.”

“Greater public access to affordable cycling builds communities and benefits our health. A dollar spent on exercise is two dollars lost in health care costs. Any doctor will tell you that the only magic bullet for maintaining health is exercise. The profits generated would make this a zero cost program and therefore infinitely sustainable.”

It’s too good to be true. April Fools.

Thanks for reading – John Neugent

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