BC (before computers), there was an on/off switch. Life was simple, but good. The advent of the digital age meant black and white are gone. Everything is now a shade of gray. Our enjoyment and controls are now measured in half lives.

Or so I found out with my digital music software.

I bought an inexpensive program to record my music ("Bikers Breakdown" on the banjo coming soon). I wanted a record button, and an off switch. Fool.

Gazing at the thousands of sliding controls, tracks and nuances that could change the modulation of a fly taking a leak, I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on. A half hour of video tutorials told me nothing.

Of course, the problem was I hadn’t turned on the microphone – which had a simple on/off switch – but was artfully concealed by a digital industrial designer to enhance its appearance.

Thanks for reading – John Neugent

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