Awhile ago I wrote about the UCI enforcement of their rule that banned the filing off of the lawyer lips on fork tabs. I had thought that my elegant solution of a skewer with a longer travel just might have some hope. Nope.

The UCI requires that all UCI sponsored racers use equipment available to the public and prior to their decision, all forks had lawyer lips to avoid litigation. The fork makers decided to do a quick end around. They now make models without lawyer lips so the pros have access to them.

The joke is on the UCI.

One really has to wonder if all of this is really worth it. Forumula One cars are not available to the general public. Even if you could afford one, you cant drive it on the street. How many 120 pound riders can generate 450 watts for a half hour? So why do the same bikes have to be available to the general public?

In the mean time, they are creating a sticker approval system that will just raise the cost for everyone while benefiting virtually nobody.

Thanks for reading John Neugent

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