The last race that saw any alloy rims was the recently completed Paris Roubaix Ė where four riders used Ambrosio Nemesis rims. It wasnít that long ago that big George Hincapie tried to use carbon wheels at the same race and paid for it with cracked rims and lost time.

Check out the article here from Velonews.

Our first carbon wheels used Zipp rims that were so fragile they would crack with if you gave them a hard look. That has all changed and now carbon rims are actually as strong or stronger than aluminum rims. They are also a lot faster because they are lighter (in the same depth) and more aero (in the deeper rims).

I have been saying it for a long time but itís nice to be backed up by the VN article. You canít make the new generation of carbon frames any better, new groups wonít increase performance, the only way to gain speed is with carbon wheels.

We give our carbon wheels twice the warranty we give our alloy wheels (two years instead of one). In a few years carbon wheels will be as ubiquitous as carbon frames are now (well, maybe not quite).

Thanks for reading Ė John Neugent

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