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    Neuvation Newsletter April 17 th The Biggest Mistake New Wheel Builders Make.

    Thomas Keller, owner of the French Laundry – twice named best restaurant in the world, has a cook book. I never read cook books for recipes, but rather look for the basics a cook uses to make great food. His advice is as simple as it is elegant. The most important factor in cooking is properly salting food. Food should never taste salty but the right amount of salt brightens the flavors. His new chefs first learn how to properly salt food. Properly salted food isn’t unhealthy, overly salted food is.

    Mario Batali, another food icon, also said that much of the reason people come back to the same restaurant – thinking their food is special – is by how they season (salt and pepper) their food.

    My mom (my favorite cook) would say “Their food is terrible, they don’t use any salt.” I couldn’t taste it, but she knew it.

    No wonder we love potato chips.

    Wheel building has a similar caveat. When you build a wheel, always do all of the real truing under very low tension. The goal is to have every spoke under some tension - but only just. At a low tension, it’s easy to manipulate the rim, at a high tension you are only doing damage to both the rim and nipples. Once the wheel is very true, it’s a simple matter of tightening the spokes up equally.

    On a rear wheel, first tighten the only drive side spokes to the target tension (after the wheel is initially true - under low tension). With the drive side spokes tight, pull the rim to center with the non drive side spokes and do ALL of the final truing with the non drive side spokes.

    Thanks for reading – John Neugent

    For the first time ever and for a limited time, we are now offering out R28 SL custom build wheels with either the wide rims ($395) or with our regular 19 mm rim for $325. Pick hub colors, decal colors, and spoke nipple colors and also take another 10% off. Yes, you can get some cool custom built wheels with red hubs and spoke nipples and even red decals (or yellow, for that matter) for under $300. The hubs are due in Friday or early next week and we are amost a week behind on builds so you will have to be a little bit patient.
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