"BTW, I rode the Tierra Bella century using the C45 last Sat, it climbed well (6.3K of elevation gain), but I was most impressed on how well it sliced through head wind! I was pulling 3 other riders for @ 6miles with strong head wind and 2 of them actually got dropped. Seems like the faster the speed, the wheels become more efficient. Made me a believer!" Gary J Santa Clara CA

The C45's are our carbon clincher wheels, not a new bike model.

Will your next bike be a disc brake road bike? No doubt that will be the next big buzz as everyone starts to roll out their road disc brake bikes. I remember visiting Lance Bohlen about 14 years ago, who at the time was a product manager for Specialized (now he runs FSA Ė USA, and is probably one of the best product guys in the bike industry), who said disc road bike were inevitable. Thatís the first I had heard that comment.

But, in my opinion, itís still going to be 3-5 years before they will become somewhat mainstream. I will have disc hubs to build custom wheels in a couple of months but itís too early for complete bikes. Even then, the real difference between a disc and caliper brake bikes isnít much.

Your next bike probably wonít be a bike at all but will cost almost as much. If you donít have them already, it will be carbon wheels. I still prefer tubular but 80% of our sales are now clincher.

Why carbon wheels? Your old bike with them, will look better than a new bike without them. They will also add more performance than a new frame (if you have somewhat of a modern carbon or alloy frame now).

All Neuvation carbon wheels are the ďwiderĒ version with the bullet shaped profile that is similar to the Enve SES profile for increasing performance in side winds. We also custom build all of our carbon wheels here in California so you can pick hub colors (silver or red), spoke nipples colors (red hubs with red nipples seems to be the hot ticket) and decal colors (none seems to be the most popular).

Where else can you get custom made carbon wheels for under a grand (well under if you get tubular)?
Thanks for reading - John Neugent

Current sales ÖÖ

Custom wheel sets for the cost of on brand name factory wheel. Living in California, it's extremely common to see customized rides - be they car or bike. Everyone wants, in some way to be a little bit different. If you want to get customized bike wheels you don't have many options. Branded hubs start at $300-400 a pair (and go up from there), and rims start at around $80+ (for lower end alloy). Many of the custom builds we end up doing are $600+ with some carbon going over $3000.

We offer you options to get into some nice custom wheels for as little as $325 with high quality component parts. Pick hub color, spokes, spoke nipples, decal color, and rim width. People will think you have spent three times as much.

Take an extra 10% off our custom R28 SL or SLW wheels (discount applied at checkout)