If we did, aerodynamics wouldnít matter. At speeds of 11-12 mph air resistance is equal to all of the other factors of riding resistance combined. At 19 mph itís 75% and increases as the speed does.

The slower you are the more it affects your overall time because you are out there longer (or so they say).

But people buy bicycles primarily based on weight and appearance with little regard for their aerodynamics. The biggest factors for bicycle aerodynamics are the wheels because they lead the bike, take up a lot of frontal area, and rotate like egg beaters.

Generally speaking, the fewer the spokes and the deeper the rim the more aerodynamic it is. Wider and bullet shaped (as opposed to V shaped) profiles are also more aerodynamic. Getting more aero is going to get you a lot more speed than reducing weight.

Thanks for reading Ė John Neugent

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