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    Restructuring of the Administrator Team

    In an effort to make it easier to operate and continue to improve Bike Forums, the Administrators have reorganized ourselves and we wanted to explain this a bit. The idea is we now have 5 volunteer administrators, with Brian acting as our "lead". Each of us have strengths, and this division of labor will use them to our best advantage.

    Maelstrom has graciously agreed to resume an administrator position devoted solely to technical matters. He is really talented at this end of things, which will help us fix some long-standing issues. Maelstrom will be our vBulletin guru and our liasion with the technical people of Internet Brands.

    As Lead, Brian remains our primary contact with Internet Brands. He will also continue to handle the commercial advertising matters, as well as being a primary contact person for when bicycle industry folks want to interact with us here on the forums.

    As for the rest of us... Tom Stormcrowe and I will continue to handle any member concerns that are more complicated than simply moderating threads and forums. Lotek will be doing the same thing, but he will also assist Brian with bicycle industry contacts on the forum. All 3 of us will share the duty of admitting relevant members to the 3 restricted forums - Politics & Religion, the Industry Subforum, and Women's Cycling.

    I am sure we will be refining our duties as issues arise on a day-to-day level, but feel free to PM any of us with any questions you might have.
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