Kind of a shot in the dark here but, I was wondering if the girl who went down hard at about mile 11, of this year's Seagull Century was ok. You were riding a black/orange Orbea and went down hard at about 20 mph (if I remember correctly). You were following a big guy, your boyfriend/husband??? and I was about a bike length behind you. Someone up ahead slowed suddenly and you locked them up causing the bike sliding out from under you. I remember hitting the brakes hard, swerving one way then another trying to avoid you and, ultimately, stopping perched on top of the rear stays of your bike. I didn't wreck but, got off and checked to see if you were ok. I then pried my bike out of your spokes, grabbed your bike and removed it from the road. I thought I heard the distinctive sound of carbon crunching under my wheel and suggested to the guy that it get checked before you got back on it. I wanted to know how both you and the bike made out. I hope ok.