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    Montauk, Long Island century route

    NYCers! Has anybody done the Montauk century ride from Manhattan? I'm planning a trip with my friends but it turns out they don't release the cue sheets or routes.

    I think I'll probably scour these (2014 montauk century - A bike ride in Babylon, NY and Viewing Montauk Century | MapMyRide) and make my own route.

    Does anyone know how the NY Mag version compares? ( It seems much easier to follow, just Old Montauk Hwy the whole way through, but probably will be more boring?

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    So far as I can tell, the "Vewing Montauk Century | MapMyRide" link is the Five Boro Bike Club's Montauk Century route from 2008. The destination changed from Ruschmeyers to Harbor House after that. I don't know the pedigree of the "2014 montauk century - A bike ride in Babylon, NY " ride. I could not open the NY Mag link.

    There are certain cautions with taking a mass ride route and using it for a personal trip.

    First, the ride was designed for traffic that one was likely to encounter on the third Sunday in May, starting at 5am from Manhattan and 6am from Babylon. This is before the season opens in the Hamptons. The May departure was chosen by the Montauk Century organizers because the road usage by cars becomes nearly intolerable during the season. Everybody is going to some beach from Patchogue to Montauk between Memoral and Labor Days. The bar scene has discovered Montauk, which used to be a sleepy fishing village.

    Second, the route was chosen to work with a set of rest stops and support vehicles. There's a 48 mile stretch that avoids all road services. It's easy to bonk out on this stretch. There is a rest stop on this stretch for the Montauk Century.

    Third, the route avoids the rail stations except Babylon. The LIRR povides bailouts every 15 miles or so. Avoiding the rail stations means no bailouts for 100 miles.

    Fourth, Dune Rd between Westhampton Beach and Hampton Bays is frequently under water if there has not been a low tide after a rain. There's an alternate route that follows Montauk Highway. The decision whether to use Dune Rd is made Montauk Morning, with a truck driving the entire road. You won't have that resource. The sign advising that Dune Road is not passable because of flood, is placed about 4 miles from where you start riding on it.

    This is not to imply that the route is inappropriate. I'm just pointing out some of the problems the ride organizers have solved. You are going to have to solve them, if you attempt the same route as a private ride. It's best to solve them before you encounter one of these problems.

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