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    Nyack Rail Trails Extended?

    So maybe someone from up around Nyack can explain exactly what I rode today.

    I decided to revisit what I always knew as the Nyack Rail Trail, which used to encompass the Raymond Esposito Trail starting in South Nyack and then continue into Hader Park and stop short soon after the Ash Street turn-off to Piermont. This was in the late 1990's and into the early 2000's, if I remember correctly. The last time I had ridden from S. Nyack to Piermont in 2002, the trail was in very bad shape from a recent hurricane, so I kind of wrote it off until today. To my surprise and pleasure, I found it in very bikeable condition on Columbus Day, 2015.

    Better than that, I noticed that it now merges (near Rt. 340) into a paved bike path that continues all the way to Tappan. I think this might be what they now call either the Old Erie Path or the Joseph B. Clarke Rail Trail. At the fork of the two trails, I noticed that the paved trail had run sort of parallel to the dirt/gravel trail for quite a way, so I decided, after reaching Tappan, to head back and take the fork onto the paved trail, just to see where it goes. I ended up in Orangeburg, at a Subaru dealership on Rt. 303.

    OK, so I want to add all these "new" bike routes (I hear the paved path is about ten years old already!) to my website, which features what I consider the best bike paths and trails in the NY area, but I need to figure out the separation points and the names of the various segments. The Raymond Esposito Trail seems to end right where you see that first sign that reads "Hader Park." Is this where the Old Erie Trail picks up? And is the paved trail called the Joseph B. Clarke Trail? Some maps show the Clarke Trail feeding right into the Esposito/Old Erie Trail and NOT heading off toward Orangeburg, as it does. Lastly, there appears to be a foundation in progress to extend the Joseph B. Clarke Trail beyond Rt. 303. Does anybody know the plan and the timeline?

    Sorry for asking multiple questions, as I know people tend to only answer the last one in the list. If possible, can you address each of my questions? Thank you!
    Papa Tom

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    The section from Oak Tree Rd to not quite Western Highway has been paved for quite awhile. They are supposed to extend it to Blauvelt.

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