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    where to buy Gu/Clif Shots in NYC (Madison Square Garden)?

    I live in Massachusetts and am planning on doing the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee tomorrow. The only problem is that I've been in NYC this entire week for work and aside from 5 days of no bike riding and unhealthy business dinners, I also just realized that my at-home stocks of bike food are pretty depleted. There's, maybe, a dusty old Clif bar in the pantry somewhere, and I can probably pickup a pack of Fig Newtons and bananas in Penn Station before taking the 5pm Acela back to Boston. What I'm really missing, though, are energy gels.

    I'd like to head out to a shop on my lunch hour to get a six pack of Gu or Clif Shot, but am at a bit of a loss as to where to hunt. My client's office is between Madison Square Garden and Herald Square. I checked the Transportation Alternatives Bike Shops list and they mention both City Bicycles and Chelsea Bicycles as nearby, but they're in opposite directions from me. Anyone know which one would have gels? Any recommendations for alternatives? Running/marathon shops, perhaps?

    fwiw, picking up supplies when I get back to Boston isn't an option. The train isn't arriving until 8pm, and ride start is 6am. It's a century route through unpaved country roads, and somehow I suspect that stumbling upon a bike shop fully stocked with Heed and Accelerade probably isn't going to happen.

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    Sids Bikes has some on 34th and 2nd which isn't too far from you.

    [oops - just noticed the date; sorry!]
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