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Thread: Virginia Rides?

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    Virginia Rides?

    My wife and I are going to Virginia is a couple weeks and in looking around at bike related stuff I found the Creeper trail which sounds really nice and there's even a place that does rentals for it. That's exactly the sort of thing we'd like to do while we're there but we won't be making it over to that part of the state. We're going to be primarily on the coast and will spend a couple days in the Shenandoah, crossing through Central Virginia. Se we're wondering if anyone knows of something similar to the Creeper trail in the areas we're going to be in- someplace that has rentals near by.

    We assume there'll be a ton of bike renatals on the beach, but we're not really into that, what we'd really like to, if we get the chance, is a rail-to-trail kind of thing, more rural than urban.

    Any ideas? I've looked through visitor info stuff online and have seen mention of a lot of trails, mainly mountain bike, but haven't found anything that looked like it fit and had a rental place near it.

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    NoVA / DC area has lots of trails: W&OD, Mount Vernon, Capital Crescent, Rock Creek, C&O Canal. Some urban, some rural.
    In the Williamsburg area there's the Colonial Parkway. There's also a partially completed bikeway between Williamsburg and Richmond.
    Supposed to be trails around Virginia Beach but I don't know the details.
    Are interested only on trails? There's also a lot of good road riding on the Eastern Shore, the valley and many other places.

    Couple of sites
    There are also a lot of club sites that might help.

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