Hello all,

Iím interested in buying a 2007 Trek 7.3 FX ($500 value). After checking and comparing the models on Trekís website, I went to a bike store in Manhattan today. Salesperson showed me a 2006 late year 7.3 FX and told me that 2006 late year models actually had the frame of 7.6 FX ($1000 value) which was better and faster.

He said that Trek had scraped off 7.6 from the frames, repainted 7.3 on them and were selling them for the same price as 7.3ís because 7.3 models were sold out this year.

He argued that 2006 late year 7.3 FX was a better bike than 2007 7.3 FX.

Is this true? Has anyone heard of anything like that? Thank you in advance for your response.