Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any spring break riding destinations in the northeast. I am from Worcester County, MA and have been spoiled the last few years with being able to stay home and ride right out of my door during spring break, although it was sometimes tough to stay warm and dry. Looking out the window at all the freshly fallen snow, and with more on its way, I am not sure that it will be possible to get much riding this year during mid-march. My riding buddy and I enjoy both mountain biking and road cycling. While it would be great if we could find a location within driving distance that could offer both in abundance, we are really looking for somewhere that will allow us to pack in a lot of road miles in at least semi-warm/dry conditions.

In my 6 years of residence in Massachusetts, I haven't been able to explore very much to the south or west of Mass. Do these areas have much to offer? Our spring break is from March 14-23.