Zephyr Cycling has been promoting The Housatonic Hills Road Race in Connecticut http://www.zephyrcycling.com/index.p...ask=view&id=16
for years, and before that they promoted the Danbury Criterium. Putting a criterium on in a contained area is a tremendous amount of work. Just ask any race promoter. Putting on a road race that travels through multiple towns and countless intersections is an incredible feat, and to do it year in and year out is amazing.

The number of volunteers needed to make this race happen is large. Often the club members talk their family members into helping out and beyond that we beg each year for people to come and help. Somehow the club manages to get by. This year our volunteer rolls are low. In short we need help. We are short drivers and we are short course marshalls.

This endeavour continues to take away more and more personal, family and career time from the promoters, and as our volunteer rolls dwindle the chances of continuing this race too dwindle. If you want to continue to see road racing (in addition to industrial park racing) exist in Connecticut please consider not pinning on a number this year and helping us out, so that we can do it again next year. And if you are not a racer consider helping us out and watching a bike race all day.

PM me if you can help and I'll pass your info along to one of the organizers.