Riding For A Reason

I have not done this before, but some of my club members have. Word is it's a very well organized event. and has enough challenges for the seasoned rider.

Organized ride starting in Wheeling, West Virginia
Saturday July 11, 2009

The Agenda
The ride starts and finishes at the Warwood Garden City Park 4 miles north of Wheeling, West Virginia along Route 2.

Registration/Sign-in Begins 7:00am

100 Mile Ride Begins 8:00am

80 Mile Ride Begins 8:00am

66 Mile Ride Begins 9:00am

40 Mile Ride Begins 9:30am

Family Fun Ride Begins 10:00am

Barbecue Dinner Starts 12:00pm

Pool Opens 12:00pm

Barbecue Dinner Ends 4:30pm

Pool & Showers Closes 5:00pm

If you feel you need some extra time to complete the course or do not feel comfortable riding in a large group, you may begin your ride as soon as you have signed in. By beginning early, some rest stops may not be open upon your arrival. Please note the hours of operation for the rest stops below.

The courses and start times are designed to allow enough time for everyone to complete them and to have dinner served between the hours of 12pm and 4:30pm. The 66, 80 and 100 mile routes have some challenging climbs, so please choose your route according to your ability in order to return before dinner ends.

The family fun ride goes along the bike trail along the Ohio River and can range from one mile up to thirty or more miles. The entire bike trail is approximately fifteen miles long from one end to the other.

The pool and showers open at 12pm and close at 5pm.

The Food
The barbecue dinner will include your choice of hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken. Marcaroni salad, potato salad, snacks, and plenty of cold drinks will also be available. For those who are vegetarians, veggie dogs or burgers will be available also. The food will be available for the riders and any volunteer at no additional cost.