Today I rode in Staten Island and logged another 19 miles of bike lanes, bringing me up to 478 miles of a possible 620+ miles, leaving me with another 120+ miles to go. But my energy is flagging.

Fortunately I got a great idea. If twenty or thirty of you would each pledge $1/mile for the remaining 120 miles, I think my spirits would be lifted. All funds received (cash only, please no checks or credit cards) will be passed along to my favorite charity---- The Heypaul Health and Welfare Foundation.

Those of you who are flush with cash, as a result of profiting from the current economic depression might want to consider a higher level of support. If you'll add on an extra $478 for the mileage I've already done, you will receive a color photograph of my two 26" Huffy Prospect bikes and a 3 hour DVD documentary with many highlights and lowlights of my exciting adventure.