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    To the Idiot on the Massapequa MUP This Morning

    I seriously doubt if the offender will ever read this, but it makes me feel better to post it.

    To the guy on the Massapequa MUP this morning around 11:30, there is a reason that real bikers do not ride in full kit on the aerobars at 25 mph on this trail.

    It has blind corners, it is narrow, and it is heavily used by walkers, runners, and families on various types of bikes. Yelling at them to clear the path does not solve anything. The amount of notice you gave me to get out of the way this morning while running was less than 2 strides. If I had been in the way we would have collided.

    You are a moron, no question about it. There is a reason there is a 15 mph speed limit, and even that is risky in most situations. Want to ride fast, get on the road where we belong. Better yet, come ride with me and the boys on one of our Saturday morning hammer fests, just leave the cute aerobars at home - we will be the ones yelling at you if you use them. Of course, you can always use them to get home after we drop you.

    If you keep doing what you did today, someone is going to get seriously hurt. I hope it is only you and maybe a stray animal, but I fear it is going to be some small child.

    I almost wish that we had met on one of the few straight sight sections so that I would have had time to but you where you belong - in a pile of CF splinters in one of the small lakes. I will be there next Sunday at the same time. Maybe I will get luck, and you will not.

    Now I feel so much better.

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    Sounds like a serious Badutzio! 'Glad you weren't clipped.

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