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    Anyone want Bicycle Access on the Tapan Zee?

    Just received the following:

    DOT gave a nice update as to where the Tappan Zee Bridge planning process stands last night at a meeting in Nyack. Unfortunately DOT officials stated that the two pathway option (a bike/walking pathway on both the north and south sides of the bridge) has NOT yet been fully committed to. DOT officials also aren’t convinced that the bridge will have heavy bicycle commuter usage. Judging from the 1000 person petition which was signed with comments by many of you this summer we feel otherwise. This bridge will receive heavy commuter usage by bicycle’s and we also saw an overwhelming response from you which wanted pathways on both sides (north and south) of the bridge.

    Having pathways on both sides is essential. Having one path would lead to a host of problems. One being closures: whenever there is maintenance or an emergency situation on the bridge it will be necessary to close a pathway down for some time. Now this is no problem if you have the option of another path. But if there is only one path bicycles and pedestrians would be totally cut off from crossing the bridge. Imagine if the GW Bridge only had a path on one side of the bridge!

    Having a path on one side also greatly limits your landing options in Tarrytown and Nyack. With two pathways; (one on both the north and south side) the terminus or landings will increase to 4 distinct points instead of only two landing points one pathway would lead to. Having 4 landings greatly enhances the flexibility of where landings are placed and gives users four access points to the bridge instead of only two.

    DOT is looking for comments and input. Please email comments to DOT project manager, Michael Anderson at . Please tell DOT why you feel commuters will use this bridge or if you personally will use this bridge as a commuter. Please also reiterate the necessity of having two pathways; one on both the north and south sides of the bridge. We have the opportunity to make the new Tappan Zee Bridge a world class facility. Don’t let this opportunity pass us by! Please email your comments to DOT and let your voice be heard.

    Michael Oliva
    Co-Founder- Bike Walk Alliance of Westchester & Putnam
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