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    Help! New Commute

    Fellow Riders,

    I am considering a job where I would have to commute from 436 Albany Ct, West New York, NJ to
    80th ave,ridgewood,ny 11385

    Is this commute viable by bike?

    How do I get from NJ to NY City? I know that I could take GW Bridge,but there must be better route?

    After I get the NY City, would I bike through Brooklyn, Queens bridge,?

    Finally,How do I to Rivdgewood,NY proceed after crossing bridge?


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    A pretty brutal commute by bike if you ask me. You'll be travelling in some of the most dangerous traffic in the Tri-State area.

    Via George Washington Bridge:,0.431213&z=11

    Via Lower East Side East river crossing: You'd have to use PATH to cross the Hudson but before 6:30AM (bikes aren't allowed during rush hour).

    Bicycles on PATH
    Bicycles are not allowed on PATH weekdays between 6:30 am and 9:30 am and between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm. Bicycles are permitted at all other times.

    The bicycle policy applies to all types of bicycles
    Do not take bicycles on escalators. Bicyclists must use elevators or stairs.
    Do not ride bicycles in trains, on platforms or the stations.
    Bicycles are not permitted in the first car of the train.
    No more than two bicycles are permitted on a PATH car.
    PATH or PAPD may require bicyclists to wait for the next train.
    Hold the bicycle while on trains and do not block aisles or doors.
    In the event of an evacuation, leave the bicycle on the train and ensure that it does not block aisles or doors.,0.215607&z=12


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    You could take one of the ferries that run between New Jersey and Manhattan at least during hours when bikes aren't permitted on the PATH. Ferries are more expensive but they tend to be a bit more bike friendly.

    Another option would be to get a folder.

    From downtown Manhattan, you could take the WillyB to Broadway->Myrtle->Forest Ave, 75th Ave ->84th Street-> 80th Ave.

    According to this route is only 10 miles from the 40th Street Ferry Terminal to 80th Ave. Even less if you were to take the PATH or the Ferry from Christopher Street.
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