I find myself unprepared for a bike trip. Today starts a 6 day break from work, I have to choose a location for a 2-3 day bike trip. I live in Pittsburgh, PA so options are all around me.

Last October, I did the Cumberland to Pittsburgh GAP ride in two days credit card style. That was okay but I think that rail-trails can get a little tedious even as they are unquestionably the no-brainer of bike rides (you can't get lost, no heavy traffic on narrow shoulders, etc). So I'm thinking of Athens, Ohio to the west or Shenandoa/White Oak Canyon to the southeast. Also, Asheville, NC was mentioned to me by a coworker as a nice road & mtb cycling area.

My desire was to camp but my buddy has a hurting back so I think it'll need to be hotels (though I may just bring my tent for a solo ending to the trip just to satisfy that camping itch).

Broooooad range of choices, any ideas?