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    Dump Truck fatal accident on upper east side Manhattan

    Upper East Side Stylist Run Down By Dump Truck

    This accident is not bike-related, but it could very well be. I always have to be wary about the big dump/garbage trucks. I have seen some of them zipping through the city streets at midnight with high speed. I was sure they would cause fatal accidents like this even at low speed if turning at corners.

    Here is the other similar accident:
    21-Year-Old Hit and Killed by Dump Truck on Madison Ave.

    Be very careful watching them.
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    You and me both, vol. Those trucks scare me, they drive very close to the curb, maybe that's because they have to pick up the garbage bins at the corners. Be careful driving or riding behind them, leaking garbage juice is gross,too.
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    While I have sympathy for the family of the deceased....

    Good grief.

    Do we need to discuss every single fatality on the streets of NYC -- and extend that to pedestrians? Or a reminder to be careful when cycling near trucks? Seriously?

    Not to mention we're at a time when traffic fatalities in NYC are the lowest they've been since 1910 ( - when the population was about 50% of its current number.

    I promote safe cycling, but c'mon people. We don't have to hash over every single traffic accident in this town.

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