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    Kudos to a DC LBS

    Just wanted to 'plug' "the Bike Rack" bike store at 14th and Q in DC... They are singularly excellent in responding to my, almost too minor, needs. Also "City Bikes" is occassionally great too...

    I commute and do 99.9999 % of my bike maintenance, builds, etc. and have at least 7 bikes, from a Birdy to a Kuota carbon TT to a Commencal MTN bike. On some weekends we go on long walks (to get off the bike!!) and that's where I get parts (can't forge them, lol). I often look like a homeless guy and usually just need little stuff like spokes, tools, an occassional BB, pads, shoes, etc...
    Some of the local LBS treat me kinda shabbily since I might just be buying little things, but not the Bike Rack ( I just needed a valve core remover, this time! )and very infrequently City Bikes.

    There are a few lbs's that are fairly rude, won't mention them here but I'd not do business with them when I do and will, get new bikes. (you can message me and i'll share that, tho!!!)
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    Good you found someplace you like.

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