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    Crush The Commonwealth

    Posting this because I am looking for a parter or group to do the annual CTC

    400 mile ride/race pittsburgh to philly, mainly bike paths the entire way

    "A 400 mile challenge from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. Just you and your bike. No support, no spectators, no prizes."

    I am a fairly experienced rider and Im not trying to out right win the thing but rather spilt the race up and get some sleep via hotel or camping. Being an unsupported, and new event for me, I am looking for some people to ride with for social and safety reasons.

    im 23/m college student who is looking for a good challenging ride and this is on my radar, just dont want to fly solo... feel free to ask any questions or PM me

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    FYI...Looks like only 90 miles on the GAP trail from McKeesport (the section between Pittsburgh and McKeesport is not finished) to Rockwood. Valley Forge to center city is roughly 23 miles and the trail really ends short of that, although there is a rec path for about 4.25 miles which takes you to the Art Museum. And, BTW, that should read east on PA Bike Route S, which is not a bike path.


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