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    Good Experience with LBS on LI

    I wanted to post a good experience with a large bike shop on LI. I don't think they are the be-all and end-all, but in this instance, I thought good behavior should be rewarded.

    I bought a 2011 CAAD-10 from Brands in Wantaugh. For whatever reason, my thigh kept hitting the cable-stop on the top tube. Either a function of design, or a one-off problem with this bike. I called the shop and asked them about a possible return (based on conversations with the salesman when I bought the bike). The bike was about a month old and had some 80-100 miles on it. They took it back, full refund (no exchange necessary). They deducted the price of cleaning the drive-train and re-wrapping the bars. (I had swapped out the bars, and swapped them back.) All in all about $60.

    They desrve some attention for what amounts to excellent customer service in this regard.

    In the interest of full-disclosure, I certainly think there are some things they could do better, but in this instance, I thought they deserved some recognition.
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    I agree
    They have been extremely helpful to me over the past month on 2 bikes

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