I searched, and did not see this exact question asked before, but apologies if it has somehow been covered.

I'm doing a century in Tahoe next month with Team in Training, and TiT is covering transportation of the bikes. I just found out that my bike will be leaving for Tahoe a week before I am, and we'll reunite there. I don't currently own another bike, and would prefer not to be out of commission for my team rides for an entire week, so am looking into the possibility of renting to cover all or part of that gap. The information I've seen online so far has indicated prices of $50-100 per day...obviously if I were doing a full week of that, I might just be better off buying a beater bike.

So, does anyone know of a shop that rents out road bikes for longer periods, so that I could keep up with my training and keep the costs down?

Thanks in advance!