I've been using the Allen St bike lanes from Canal to Houston, to get to 1st Ave of course. Yesterday I saw the project sign and what they are doing is taking the lane off the street and putting it in the park. This will effectively eliminate the bike lane as it will be at the pedestrian level. It'll be like riding on the sidewalk as I'm sure nobody will pay attention to the bike lane markings. I'll go back to Chrystie St. I only used it going northbound anyway. Of course the Manhattan bridge lane swap leaves you on the Bowery anyway now. At least that's only temporary.

For all the city does with bike lanes and things, I sometimes get the feeling they don't really want you to ride.

As for the Prospect Park West lane, I still think that all it did was rile the NIMBYs in the community without adding anything useful. And besides, I think it is ugly. The best way to slow traffic on PPW would be to make it two way and fugheddaboud the bike lane.