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    Philadelphia REWARD for stolen vintage 1950s Robin Hood ladies' single-speed

    My beloved bike I've had for 15 years was stolen last night (4/8-4/9, 2014) from my patio at 9th and Spruce streets. I've seen one other turquoise & white one (in much better condition actually) on the streets of Philly over the past 10 years. Please e-mail me if you see her -- she's got a light brown saddle at the moment but that's easily changed by the thief.
    I miss her already.
    She looks a bit like this one in the attachment but she's SINGLE SPEED
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    Bring flyers to local shops. Check Via Bicycle on 9th just below South St. in case someone sold it to them. I would also check out the little shop on S. 9th that sells bikes. I think it's south of Washington Ave. on the east side of the street.

    I feel your pain. A week before Christmas of '10, someone came into my house while I was home in bed watching the news and made off with my LHT that was fittedn with irreplaceable custom racks from Robert Beckman. Since the companion panniers only work with his racks, I lost the use of them, too.

    Good luck.

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