A few notes for Zowie:

I agree. I'd rather HAVE the extension than NOT have it, but I probably won't ride it all that much. There's not a whole lot to see along the way, and the dead straight run they chose makes it feel even more tedious.

I also don't like leaving my bike at a rack. I wasn't even comfortable leaving it at the "supervised" lot by the theater, as the kid in the lifeguard chair always seemed to be gone when I returned after a quick walk down to the bay. I would definitely pay a buck or two to know that the bike was being watched while I spent a few hours at TOBAY.

I remember a small paved trail that led into/out of Wantagh High School and connected with the Cedar Creek Trail. It was just north of the terminus at Cedar Creek Park, but I'm not sure if it's still there.

I don't really understand why they routed the extension right through the center of the theater parking lot, either. They could have avoided that dangerous, awkward crossing where cars full of VIP's enter the lot by running it around the periphery that runs close to the theater. There's probably a good (or bad) reason for what they did.