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    Visentin Pro Bike Shop, Oyster Bay, Long Island

    Have any of you visited this shop on Rt. 106 in Oyster Bay?

    It's certainly not your average LBS, which is why I am so intrigued by it. You walk in and the lights are off until a sensor under the dusty old carpet triggers them to turn on, revealing a large showroom area that is piled up with new and used bikes, parts, and accessories from floor to ceiling. The owner might be hanging out in the back with a bowl of spaghetti, wearing what look like pajamas. When he comes out and starts talking to you, it becomes instantly apparent that behind all that grey hair is a guy who has been around bikes for a LONG time.

    So far, my three experiences here (a seatpost, chain and cassette, and Mountain Mirrycle) have all been very positive. The parts and accessory prices are surprisingly competitive, much more reasonable than the bigger, fancier stores in the area. And the owner is very generous with his time. No attitude here, like some of the places we all know. Best of all (in my opinion), having been around since 1965, the place is brimming with items you probably haven't seen in years.

    I think I've found my new bike shop. I just wanted to check with you guys to see if anybody knows something about this place that I don't.
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    Been in there once, many years (decades actually) ago.

    I think the current "old guy" is the son of the original owner, who ran it with his wife. Might be wrong about that, it's been 20 years or so.

    It's too far from home to want to use regularly and sadly.

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