Hey NorCal,
I just wanted to let you know that I'll be having the 'World Premiere' of my movie KLUNKERZ at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October. The press conference to announce screening times and dates takes place on September 13th. Stay tuned! I've been working on this film for well over two years and I've got more than 5000 hours of my life in to it. Now it's finally ready to exhibit. I'm really looking forward to riding bikes again, instead of just talking about them. I hope you enjoy watching the film as much as I enjoyed making it. It's a feature-length documentary featuring interviews with Fisher, Breeze, Ritchey, Potts, Sinyard, Kelly, Bonds, J.F. Scott, Cunningham, Phelan, The Larkspur Cyn Gang, The Morrow Dirt Club and many more. There are many photos and a lot of archival footage that has never been seen before. If you'd like more information, please check out www.klunkerz.com. Don't forget to sign the 'Guest Book'. Thanks for your support.
Ride on,
Billy Savage