I received this in an email list I subscribe to. Thought some folks in the Bay Area might be interested. Haven't decided if I'll go out in that direction or not.

It's been a tradition of mine for years, started by a customer of ours. Ride up Mt. Hamilton on New Years Day. That way, no matter how the rest of the year goes, you know you at least accomplished *something* on a bike!

People generally leave from the base of the climb (Alum Rock & Mt. Hamilton) about 8:45am. Some years you'll see a couple hundred people on the mountain, some years just a couple dozen. Last year was rather epic due to severe wind; we were actually blown uphill (no pedaling) about a mile from the top.

There is no support, no food or water anywhere but the top (and the only food is candy from vending machines in the observatory), nobody to haul up your cold-weather gear for the ride back down, no patches. Just you & the mountain and a bunch of other people enjoying themselves on a bike. And probably a bunch of photos on a web page late that night.

--Mike Jacoubowsky
Chain Reaction Bicycles