Come help me crew for Team Beat Cancer. We need three more crew members, minimum. Right now we're an all Bike Forums crew and one of our riders is a Bike Forums member too!

June 12-23. Please PM me if you're interested.

While the riders may have the toughest athletic job on an event like this, crew have the toughest job overall. Once the ride gets rolling the safety of the rider, all logistics, nutrition, morale....everything is up to the crew. They not only have to endure sleep deprivation they also get to endure very cranky athletes the entire way.

I have no idea why people volunteer for this job but without them the ride just simply doesn't happen.

Crew members receive the following:

* A slow and scenic drive from Oceanside CA to Atlantic City NJ, all expenses paid (we'll give you food and a bed)
* A discount for product at Podium Cycles
* A substantial discount for a bike fit analysis from cycling legend John Howard
* There is a pretty fair bet that we'll have several tubes left over. We'll split these up between the crew along with any left over nutrition products.
* A once in a life time chance to expand your vocabulary as the cyclists start getting tired and cranky