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    Good LBS in Sonoma County?

    I know there's several LBS in my town (Santa Rosa) but I know virtually nothing about them, so I'm looking for a recommendation of a good LBS anywhere in Sonoma County, though SR is preferable.

    I've been in the one on College Ave near the freeway in SR twice, and the staff was always pleasant, friendly and helpful so that's a good start, but I've never taken a bike there for service or shopped for a new one (basically always quick in and out purchases). I've also been in the shop over near Howerth Park/Anadel Park area, and was less than pleased with the staff. They weren't horrible, but they certainly didn't go out of their way to make me feel comfortable, and seemed a little put out when I wasn't up on the latest technology.

    I'm getting ready to start shopping for a road bike, and I'd like to find a LBS to give a shot to sell me one, as well as buy major accessories from and service my mtb and road bike when I have one.

    Got Recommendations?

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    Norcal (which is where you have been a couple of times already) is probably the best in SR. The Bike Peddler (just down the street heading east on College) is owned by the same people and have a good staff as well. Norcal is aimed at the more competitive side and has good mechanics.
    Rincon Cyclery has a good staff and good mait. peeps.
    There is also Cambria (on Santa Rosa ave), those are the ones I would reccomend. Depends on what type of bike you are looking for.
    good luck,

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