It's a long shot, but I'm bored on a Saturday afternoon, so I thought I'd ask the NorCal BFer's and see what comes up...

I went to UC Davis in the early 80's, and my favorite bike was my blue Katakura Silk. It was the first "real" road bike I bought in high school, and I loved that thing. There wasn't another like it anywhere. Then it got stolen outside a girlfriend's apartment, around 1984.

I have no idea what the pond scum that are bike thieves actually do with these bikes. If they get repainted and sold, then there's zero chance the bike ever would be noticed. But I bet they just ended up selling them in Sacto or somewhere else in NorCal.

So, ever see a pretty blue 1970's Katakura Silk, around 24" frame size? If so, that was probably my bike.