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    VG's Latest Sufferfest - 8 Hills

    For today, VaultGuru came up with a variation on his 6 hills ride. He added 2 new ones. He's got to be a bit nuts. I ended up with a little over 54 miles, 3812 feet of climbing in the middle 25 of those, and a avg speed of 13.8.

    You'll see on the provided profile that there's one spike up to 20%. I don't think that is a mistake. This was a tough ride. If you are going to come on Friday's preTofC ride, you'll see some of these hills.

    Here's the ride profile:

    We met up at the Aquatic Center off Hazel, by the Fish Hatchery. I took a picture of the dam while I waited:

    Looking up from near the bottom of the 2nd hill. This is a 14% steady grade. Just around the bend it eases off to 12% and then kicks up again. You have to try to figure out how to catch your breath there!

    Lastly, here are 2 scenic shots from the top of the 4th or 5th climb. They all started to run together after a while


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    Good ride guys. This was the first time the course has been ridden after I plotted it. Glad you were along for the journey.
    This is a great way to get lots of vertical with relatively few miles.
    Here is the link

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