Don't mean to spam the boards. I did post this elsewhere, sorry. Thought it might be a good idea to try here too.
Someone said I should post it in my regional folder.
My Schwinn Le Tour was stolen Saturday from the parking lot at Lunardi's market 4650 Meridian Avenue (corner st Branham). I work in the meat dept there. I bought it in approx 1977. It was taken sometime between 12:50 PM and 4:50 PM. I have serial # and did make a police report.
Anyway, if you see one very similar, let me know
408 476-0070
Beginning to look for a replacement. Eager to but, but also know I should be patient. The right one will come up.
From other posts here, I'm getting the impression the bike was too small for me. I had it 34 years and never knew! Lots of sentimental value to me.
Here it is: