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    NorCal East, Sunday June 5

    If you didn't get enough climbing Cantelow on Saturday, come out and join me for a variation of the classic Folsom Lake Loop (mentioned in the Sacramento Bee at some point in the not too distant past).

    From my house, this one comes in at around 84 mi and 5600 ft. The RideWithGPS route way overestimates the climbing on this one due to the way it handles (or doesn't handle) bridge crossings.

    2 great climbs, a fantastic lunch stop in Newcastle, a really fun technical descent, and some outstanding scenery. What's not to like?

    Here's the route:

    Rolling from my house at 8am. Should hit the Aquatic Center at 8:30. Karen's Bakery around 8:45/8:50.

    No idea on pace, figure 17'ish on flats.

    Bring plenty of snacks as the lunch stop will be on the late side, 2 water bottles are enough, helmet, stuff to fix a flat, cash, etc.

    Hope some of you will join in!

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    Would love to -- I'm time-trialling the Dunlap TT in Davis. Pancake-flat and probably windy as all get-out.

    Once Chris is done work we'll be up to ride with you guys again. My ride in Auburn today reminded me why I love those foothills.
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