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    2012 Low Key Hill Climb series

    I'm thinking about giving this series a try, but am a bit intimidated by how ridiculously fast everyone is. My best time up Sierra road is 40 mins and my best time up Mt Diablo (south) is 80 mins. I'm a turtle compared to some of these guys!

    Anyway, I noticed one of the climbs is on dirt (Kennedy Trail).

    I don't own a mountain bike and was wondering what people typically ride on an event like this? I'm in the market for a full suspension trail bike. I assume that as long as it doesn't weigh 100 lbs, it'll git r done.


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    The fast guys are really fast. Some of the best NorCal climbers show up for the low keys. Some times pro racers show up.
    The rest of us just get to see how well we can do, or try to beat last years or last weeks placing. One of the low keys I put on we had little kids ride. We had to wait around a while to score them but they had a good time so I didn't mind at all.

    In the past the dirt low keys have been rideable on road bikes.

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