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I had an altercation on Mines Rd -- Livermore.

Just a FYI, if you're on Mines Rd. in Livermore DO NOT STOP AT "THE JUNCTION" restaurant. Below is my story that I also told on Yelp:

The owner is a white supremacist who pulled a shotgun on me. Here's the story.

I was riding down Mines road and had intended to stop here for lunch. I was told by another person waiting for it to open that they open at 11:00. It was 11:00 at that time.

I moved to some shade in the driveway, then the cook (i think the owners son) came out with a shotgun (shaved head and all). He started shouting "this is private property, you cant just go anywhere you want!" He went on and on making threats and shouting insults.

I was under the impression this was a public restaurant. Open for business. To threaten the lives of your customers is unacceptable.

Furthermore, and this is directed and the inbred hick with the gun, let me make one thing clear:

You're a worthless idiot who cannot hold down a job other than the one your mommy gives you. Even in this position you're doing a terrible job. If you weren't holding that gun i'm sure your attitude and demure would have been VERY different. You're the reason why so many people are calling for gun control. Walking around a steel extension of your tiny manhood does not put you in the right.

Furthermore, you committed a felony when you left the properly and started threatening the person in his car waiting for you to open. I will be filing a complaint with the Sheriffs department."

If you need water on Mines, go to the fire station just up the road. They were great and very helpful. I'm sure they would let you get water there too.

Please support other cyclist that have had problems with all the 'anti' people in this area. It's time to boycott this place and let them know if they threaten and intimidate us we'll take our money and patronage elsewhere.

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This is an issue the Sheriff's department should be notified of sooner rather than later. As in, you should have called them before you even took the time to yelp them and put it on here.
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Huh, really?

I've heard that the Junction was a popular stop for both cyclists and motorcyclists and I've never heard of any "racist" issues. I never rode that way on a bike and when I rode my moto, I never stopped but not because of any "fear of racism".

Sorry to hear about your bad day on the bike.
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OP, You were in a car?
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Did this happen on Saturday? There was an organized ride out of Patterson that had a water stop set up at the junction outside of the restaurant property. The volunteers were telling how the owner had come out a few times to yell at them, claiming they were on his property(they weren't). As I was coming back down from Hamilton there was a sheriff's vehicle at the restaurant.
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Old 06-10-13, 12:19 PM   #6
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First story like this I've heard about the junction. White supremacist?
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IS there a new owner? I've never heard of anything even remotely like either of the described incidents there before. Doesn't mean they didn't happen, but if this reflects a change in attitude at the Junction, 'tis a sad day indeed.
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Bizarre story, and it sounds like some important parts are missing. "I was riding down Mines road", but "when you left the properly and started threatening the person in his car"? Were you in on a bicycle or in a car?

Also, I'm pretty sure that the all land between the building and the shoulder of Mines Road, including all driveways, belongs to the restaurant. So, if you were parked in the driveway, you were on their private property. That does not excuse them pulling out a shotgun, but it's their right to ask you to leave their land if they don't want you there for some reason.
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Scary story that sucks if it's true (no reason to believe it's not), but it's kinda weak to come onto a bicycling forum and start talking trash on the guy who was harassing you. Of course no one would talk back to anyone who is threatening you with a gun, but doing it after the fact, over the internet is not the best play.
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Pulling a gun on anyone without proper cause is unacceptable.
Were you physically on the premises in a location which was not immediately public or visible from the road? Like behind the establishment?

It is possible that the son of the owner has some behavioral issues, glad your safe.
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