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    The Chairman of The Bored Checks In

    And there used to be a forum
    Where the posts were read and seen.
    And the people played their crazy game
    With a wit so sharp and clean.
    And the threads were such a wonder
    From the insights and the cheer.
    Yes, there used to be a forum right here.

    And there used to be group rides,
    like a great big 4th of July
    With the fireworks exploding
    All across the summer sky.
    And the people rode in wonder
    On great routes both far and near!
    And there used to be a forum right here.

    Now the cyclists try to find it,
    And they can't believe their eyes
    'Cause the old team just isn't posting,
    And the new team hardly tries.
    And the sky has got so cloudy
    When it used to be so clear,
    And the summer went so quickly this year.
    Yes, there used to be a forum right here.

    The Chairman of the Board (Francis Albert Sinatra) .... real version
    In Ascensu Est Verum

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    there once was a girl from Nantucket...

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