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    Port Angeles, WA Metric Century - May 5, 2012

    Downtown Hotel Metric Century Ride
    Port Angeles, WA
    Saturday May 5, 2012
    (or Sun May 6th, if rained out on Sat)

    A small but enthusiastic ridership (all local) completed this ride in a little less than 6.5 hrs, in very nice weather. When we do it next year, we'll probably dawdle a bit more, especially if we get any out-of-towners who haven't spent a lot of time at the more touristy stops along the way.

    You can view (and print by sections, if you want) the route map on both
    or If you've never used these nifty route mapping sites, please note you can zoom in to get any level of detail you like, just like any other mapping app utilizing The All-Seeing Eye of Google.

    Watch this space for the 2nd annual ride, 9am Saturday, May 4, 2013.
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