So, is the new project I've been working on. Basically, it takes major cities in the Pacific Northwest (so far with one exception just Seattle) and outlines turn-by-turn cycling routes for them which guide the rider from the center of the city through a tour of that city's "naughty" areas, artistic highlights, or other hedonist hangouts: everything from strip clubs, to sex clubs, to art galleries, to high-end restaurants, to casinos, and everything inbetween. Descriptions, background, and tips are provided as needed so that the cyclist can understand what he or she is passing by on the route.

Personally, I'm hoping that by this example other folks will be inspired to do something similar in their cities: I can see it being a lot of fun, whenever I have a spare day in a new city, to rent a bicycle and follow a route at my own pace that lets me get a sense of the city's artistic highlights, and well as its underground.

The way I see it, the nature of urban cycling is urban, and cycling is the best way to appreciate the urban environment: we might as well revel in what's there